Wednesday, 12 September 2012

We've Reached 100 Page Likes! *CLOSED*

Breaking news! We have just reached 100 page likes for the Arayha's Boutique Facebook Page!

Amy Servold was our 100th page liker and she has now opened our giveaway competition!

All entries to be posted onto our Facebook page's wall. Be as creative as you want, use anything and everything to make an image of '100' that will catch my eye and you could win a set of Lushie Plushies!

Good luck!

New Product & Almost At 100 Page Likes

So today I finally revealed the completed project I've been working on. It is all sewn by hand, yes everything. It is based on an Ipad cover made by the delightful Arts & Candies and it is the first of it's kind from Arayha's Boutique.

This is what happens when Lushie Plushies, Arts & Candies and I all collide together:

An adorable Plushie cushion! Here's the comparison:

I used ruffle fabric to imitate the piped cream effect, then I decorated the cover with all the same items but in plush form and with cute faces on as many as would suit. I know the layout is a little different with the silver tins but I think it suits the cushion better that way. Plus the Ipad cover is rectangle and the decorations needed to be spread out for the squishy version.

Here are some exclusive close up images of the cover decorations:

I also made some plushies to go with the order:

Carrot Bubble Bar

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

Golden Wonder Ballistic

Twilight Ballistic

I'm now working on a cute monster with her own tiara and making stock because WE ARE OPENING IN OCTOBER! How great is that. Also in October you can place your Christmas orders - try to get them in early so I have enough time for everyone :)

Have you been on our Facebook page and liked Arayha's Boutique yet? We're currently on 95 page likes and when we hit the big 100 we're having a competition where the winner will receive a set of  TEN Lushie Plushies of their choice!

Have a nice evening!