Monday, 27 August 2012

Fantasy Plushie

So as you may know, Lush Ltd have a new makeup range called Emotional Brilliance. My favourite item is the liquid glittering gold Fantasy eyeliner. I love it so much I even decided to make a Lushie Plushie version!

Here, take a look:

Find this and more at Arayha's Boutique


Friday, 24 August 2012


Hello again! I've had a really hectic and also rubbish week so far apart from a few things:

- I got my updated licence from Lush Ltd
- I won tickets to a lovely vintage fair in the Cotswolds tomorrow (I hope I can go!)
- I've been making super cute plushies

Here's a plushie version of Lush Ltd's reusable carrot bubble bar. How cute is he!

I'll be finishing a few others off and posting pictures of them over the weekend here and on the Arayha's Boutique Facebook page Here.

Now for a chinese and to watch a bit of  Supernatural.


Monday, 20 August 2012


I'm home from hospital now, I came back on Wednesday at about 2 / 3pm. I can't really remember. I had my operation on Tuesday at about the same time. Currently I'm just recovering and getting into the routine of cleaning my wound and changing my dressings. And I miss baths.

It's taken all week and I'm surprised I feel as drained as I do but I'm starting to be inspired again and starting to work, to sew and create. Arayha's Boutique is going again.

I can't help but want to visit flea markets, vintage fairs, carboots, charity shops, reclaim yards... all sorts of places. I just want to travel all over taking pictures, finding hidden treasures and then making things from them. I'm going to have a look round and see if there's anything local I can get to soon and not be too much of a strain while I'm feeling so weak.

I'm also wanting to make my own artistic doll, just the one for myself. And I'm going to try and make my own stamp for my labels, fingers crossed that goes well. I'll possibly be doing a Vlog when I've looked into it more.

So, a bit of a mixed week but with any luck all will be back to normal but with a pinch of extra creativity soon.


Monday, 13 August 2012


All day today I'll be washing and drying clothes and bedsheets. Changing the bedsheets and generally prepping for my trip to hospital tomorrow. I have to go to bed early as I have a 5am start and my operation should take place between 7.30-8.00am I believe. I'm hoping I can be discharged the same day but everyone seems to thing I'll be kept in overnight. I don't want to be. Hospitals are creepy at night.

I'm just having a camera inserted into my abdomen so they can try and find what's been causing my so many problems but I can't help but think it's an unnecessary operation. I've been told I could have Gilbert's Syndrome as my mum has it and the symptoms it causes match what I have, plus my bilirubin levels are really high all the time. I'm having a separate investigation for that. I don't like the idea of having an operation if I don't think it's needed and ending up with two nice stomach scars for the trouble but everyone's telling me it's a good idea 'just in case'.

I guess if I am kept in it will give me the chance to think about a few things in my life. A lot of things have gone wrong or changed into something it shouldn't be. Dreams have been shattered and I'm left feeling frustrated and hopeless of a few issues. I have tried to fix them, I really have. It's not getting any better though.

I don't mean to moan, I'm just struggling with a lot of issues at the moment. I do have my business to focus on and my cat is at least affectionate to me so I'm not totally alone.

See you later in the week.


Friday, 10 August 2012

Stila Makeup Bargain

Look what I found in my local £1 shop

I couldn't believe it so I stocked up and bought three of these and I also got a set of their makeup sponges and a palette all for £1 each!

Apparently they're end of line stock that £1 shops have bought up and are selling on BUT the thing is, these 'end of line' products are still being sold for full price everywhere else!

If you love Stila makeup or like me you just want to try it out, I really suggest you pop down to your local £1 shop and see if you can grab a few of these.

I've yet to test the foundation properly but I have really pale skin and even though it was dark when applied (it goes very creamy), it lightened the more you blended and actually looks very nice on even my snow white skin.

So yes, pop down quick and get some before everyone catches on and they're gone.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Arayha's Boutique New Project

Arayha's Boutique is currently working on a commissioned cushion based on an Ipad cover by Arts & Candies and here is a sneak preview of a piece of the decoration:

It is a plush version of a Lush yellow paper bag! Everything is hand stitched.

Arayha's Boutique are also working on designs for new items including badges. So far we have 58 Facebook page likes and we are hoping to get to 100 soon so we can host a giveaway competition for one lucky person to win a collection of Lushie Plushies of their choice. If you would like to share the page with your friends then please follow THIS link and click 'share'.

We are also having our Grand Opening in a few short weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for new product images and don't forget to do this so you can see all our posts on Facebook:

Support Handmade!

Thank you and have a lovely evening.



Hello everyone, I'm back.

My cousin Regena and her husband Marco were married last weekend (4/8/12) at Nostell Priory in Wakefield, North Yorkshire with a crystal themed ceremony and reception. As I was a bridesmaid I couldn't get pictures of the ceremony, only the wedding reception. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.

The d├ęcor:

My bouquet

Seating plan set in ice

The cake:

White chocolate four tier sponge cake

The happy couple:



Cutting the cake

First dance

Second dance after they announced they were expecting

Me and my cousin Regena:

Thank you for choosing me to support you on your special day xx

Maybe one day soon me and my fiance Neal will be able to have our vintage themed wedding.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wedding Weekend!

This Saturday my dear cousin will marry her love in North Yorkshire at a gorgeous location. I'm so happy for them both! As I am attending as a bridesmaid, I will be unavailable on my blog and Arayha's Boutique Facebook page, plus email. Sorry about that.

Fashion wise, I'll be wearing a stunning dress, super high heels, french tips and for the evening Lush's Fantasy gold liner and Passionate lippy.

Also, today is my kitty Tim's first birthday, he's so cute.

See you all Monday and have a great weekend!